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Let us help you navigate the waters to reach your goals!

Synergy Resources Consulting (SRC) is a multi-faceted consultation company that provides strategies and insight for non-profit, government and business grant funding, organizational development, facilitation, community planning, and project coordination.

Headquartered in Spokane, WA, the SRC partners have a combined 30+ years of experience in providing logistical, technical, strategic, innovative, cost-effective, and trusted solutions. Our team has assisted hundreds of applicants achieve their goals, as well as successfully planning, coordinating, and managing multiple types of projects and events, and have obtained over $3 million of funding to help organizations further their mission. SRC is committed to honesty, integrity, and service while helping to build a stronger community through patience, understanding, leadership, and empathic listening.

Who We Are

SRC is dedicated to achieving outstanding results with the highest level of ethics and client satisfaction.​ “We are inspired to cultivate a people-centric culture while serving others with transparent humanity, honesty, understanding and generous spirit!" Through these guiding statements our team is reminded of the commitments we have made to ourselves, to each other, and to members of our community who we have aspired to serve.​